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Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby steps

Yes, baby steps. That is what it takes.

Inventory in--check (and oh my goodness what amazing stuff!!!)
Previous tenants out--in process--along with that, paint, furniture, set up inventory--tbd (to be done!)
Merchant account--check (what IS that? That's how you take credit cards. They are the middle man that takes the %age that the CC companies take when you swipe their card)
Credit card machine--on its way!
Computer--check! (Needed a desktop so it wont walk out of the store)
Computer program to keep track of inventory--oops, gotta do that
Building and content insurance--check! (Yes, it's required. That covers accidents in store, fire, etc.)
Business checking account--check!
Signs--to do!--you wouldn't think about those but side, front, and 2 street light box signs
Business license, FEIN #, etc (government stuff)--almost done!! Can't get the building inspection done until we can get possession of the building soo that's put off
Paint, hangers, furniture, etc--check!
Phone and internet--check!

Plus a million more little details in between.

All it takes are baby steps, and it will definitely all get done!