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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet Liberty Mason

This gal is awesome, and so are her products! Check out what she has to say about how she makes her soap! AMAZING!! Her soaps are sold exclusively at Blue Hazel, and she will hopefully have her full line of soaps in the boutique also. Come and check it out! You will love it!!

"With a family full of people suffering from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin, I approach soapmaking from the angle of how I can heal the skin and the soul -- not just how pretty I can make a bar of soap, or how trendy it can smell.

It's taken me over a decade to perfect my exclusive one-of-a-kind recipes. I have drawn on traditional healing methods from Africa, South America, Polynesia, the Native Americans, Ancient Ayruvedic Indian wisdom, as well as contemporary holistic remedies. I have a "pharmacopeia" of over 120 different base oils that I draw from with each recipe to create a bar of soap that is soothing, healing, addresses the "issue at hand" (as in: wrinkles, sensitive skin, skin problems, oily or dry skin etc), smells refreshing and clean, provides a bright fluffy lather and is lasting. Once I complete the base recipe, I then further its benefits with the addition of organic herbs, essential oils, exotic clays and butters and other things. In addition to the physical benefits of my ingredients, I also consider and incorporate spiritual and emotional benefits (as in: Synergistic Aromatherapy, etc).

Finally, I believe that everyone deserves to be treating their skin and their bodies "as if they don't have 100% replacement warranty", so I price my soap well below the market average of even a basic bar of simple handmade soap (which mine is clearly not). Yes, handmade soap is more expensive than some chemically concocted detergent "bath bar" you can purchase at your local supermarket or bath/body shop, but it's significantly less expensive than a face lift and the effects of allergic reactions, skin sensitivities, etc.

My stuff is Vegan, and I use all natural vegetable oils and ingredients, most of which are certified organic. You can safely eat any ingredient that I put into the soap (except the lye), and the net beneficial effects of my products are backed by thousands of years of traditional, multi-cultural healing wisdom.  And, dude, really - speaking from years of experience... everyone loves my soap!"
                    -Liberty Mason

Handmade soap makes an incredible gift.  Stack 4 or 5 up and tie with a bow (super cute) or just add some to a gift basket.
Great for men, women, children, clients, co-workers, teachers, visiting teachers, etc.


  1. Liberty-What a cute picture with your kids! Your soap sounds amazing and it looks soo pretty! :)

  2. do you have a sister named Phoenix Q Mason? Jo Ann Biek