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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Biz card done, doors and curtains bought!

Here's the business card! How do you like it??

So, we still haven't started on store build out yet, the mattress company is still "going out of business". They will be out in April, so we have to have everything ready to throw it in!!

We just picked up a whole truck load of doors that we are going to paint and antique and make beaaautiful to turn into movable walls!! They can also double as product displays! Not a bad idea eh?

We also found the BEST most perfect fabric on earth for cute shabby dressing room curtains!! Need your input: should I do ruffle edges, fringe-y edges, etc?? Anyone have pictures of dressing room loves?

Also, always taking vendors!! If you have, or you know of someone who has, some amazing hand made items, we would LOVE to sell them at our store!! Send em our way!!

Stay tuned for the next steps in boutique creation!

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