Blue Hazel is a that boutique everyone loves to visit.
There are some fresh, vintage, and handmade items that are a must see.
You are sure to find that "something" that you can't live without!

Be sure to visit the boutique often as new items are added daily!
We are located at 150 South State Lindon, Utah

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Vendors!

We have new vendors!!
Amazing new things--including mirrors, frames, memo boards, lamps, hair accessories, clothing, purses, baby stuff (including boy things!! Yay! Finally!), blankets, wall decor, bedding, jewelry, and more!!

Keep it coming!! We're still looking for people who want to have a space where they can sell their things! It's going to be awesome! I can tell you that now!!

Looking forward to May 1st opening date!!

1 comment:

  1. May 1st passed but be sure to check out my website on Etsy as I work with a number of boutiques!

    -Nadia Trumbo