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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet Devenie and Shawna!!

This vintage décor adventure starts with Devenie. She’s known amongst her friends as being the human index for all things crafty and also for making a dollar go a long way. She has many craft shows under her belt and has the hot glue gun scars to prove it.
Shawna and Dev met three years ago. Since that time Salty Bison was formed from a combination of a mutual love for home decor, inspiring conversations and girls weekend adventures! Having a desire to use their talents to add to their family’s incomes they set out to share their salty vintage décor with others!
They have 9 kids among the two of them and two very manly husbands who do all the heavy lifting.
Their main belief when it comes to decorating is to reuse and recycle. Every family deserves a fab looking home, and every recreated piece of décor deserves a good family!
Their items include apothecary jars, paper wreaths, old window art, trays, jewelry holders and a never-ending stream of inspiring transformations!

Their goods are so dang cute!  You need to come in and check them out!  You really do!  You will fall in love with all of it!!!
Here is a link to their blog...enjoy!

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  1. Love your stuff, really like the paper wreaths-they make me smile! (among lots of your stuff)!!